Welcome to the livMD website

The livMD is a medical bone and muscle stimulation device that soon will be available on the European market. 

25 years of scientific research has lead to the development of this non-drug therapy for healthy bones and muscles.

Low intensity vibration has been found to exert a range of benefits for health and is associated with no adverse effects, making it a safe and effective adjunct treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

Due to its low-impact, non-invasive nature, LivMD is ideal for:

  • Seniors (especially those who are frail and at risk of falls)
  • People with mobility and flexibility issues
  • Athletes and others rehabilitating after injury
  • People with chronic pain (including fibromyalgia and arthritis)
  • Those who find it difficult to exercise
  • Anyone with brittle bones or bone health concerns
  • People with neurovestibular disease and problems balancing


Please contact us for further information or check the livmd.us website for further details

Looking forward to hear from you.

The livMD team